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New Mama Gift Box Care Package

Congratulations on receiving your gift box!

Whether this is your first baby or another one you're welcoming into your arms, we are thrilled for you! Motherhood is a great adventure, and we want to pamper you because you deserve it. 

Your Gift Box Contains:

  • Cozy Socks
  • Lavender Bath Salts
  • Hair Scrunchie
  • Mini Aromatic Heat/Ice Pack
  • Infant Swaddle Sack with Hat or Bow
  • Sweet Treats

Here are instructions you may need...

Mini Aromatic Heat/Ice Pack:

Your rice pack contains lavender herbs inside it. You can use it as a heating pad by microwaving it for 30 seconds, and then reheating it in 10-second increments to make sure you don't scorch the pack or your skin. Apply to sore muscles or across your forehead for a soothing aromatic experience. You can also choose to store your pack inside a gallon storage bag and place it in the freezer. Whenever you would like to "ice" your muscles, simply remove it from the freezer and the storage bag then apply it to the area you want to soothe. This pack can be reheated and/or refrozen as often as you'd like. 

Swaddle Sack Info


  • 1. To put baby in, bunch the sack up in your hands (think about how you put on a sock).
  • 2. Then start placing baby into the sack feet first and gently pull up towards baby’s shoulders.
  • 3. Start snuggling - It’s that simple!


Please ensure the swaddle sack never goes above your baby’s shoulders and over the face. Baby’s face should always be exposed and visible. If you find you have extra material in length (especially at the newborn stage), simply tie a knot at the end where the feet go (before slipping baby inside) to eliminate extra material. Always lay baby on his or her back and face up while in the sack. Never leave baby unattended while in the sack and stop using it once your baby can roll onto his or her stomach to prevent the risk of suffocation.


Simply wash the swaddle sack on delicate cycle with your baby's clothes. Dry on low heat. You can use a warm iron if needed. The hat can also be washed and dried by machine. Hand wash the bow and allow it to air dry.

Picture of newborn baby in a swaddle sack.


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